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Shopping for Florida Auto Insurance? Here's What You Need to Know Are you looking for the best rates for your auto insurance? While there are things you can't change when it comes to how much you pay each month, there are ways you can save on your Florida auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Drive Your Car for Business? You Need a Florida Commercial Auto Policy A common problem many Florida business owners face is knowing which type of auto insurance they should carry. It can be hard to know which to buy when the car is used for both personal errands like going to the grocery store and business use, like taking clients to lunch or delivering merchandise. READ MORE >>

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The line to get into any gas station is a mile long. That’s if the gas station hasn’t run out of gas yet. Your tank is on E and so is your patience. But there’s more. Every case and gallon of water is off the shelves. And sellers are price gouging online. READ MORE >>

The music is pumping through the bodies of 700 guests; it’s difficult to differentiate musical bass from rumbling floors. The love in the air evaporated as a dancing bride and groom disappeared. Swooning turns to guttural screams. READ MORE >>

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  I once saw a young man reading an entire book while he was driving. Yes, a whole book. Today, we are texting, snapchatting, selfie-taking and even shooting full Instagram stories while we drive. Very distracting. We already have to combat drowsy and drunk drivers. READ MORE >>

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